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Superfurry Animal Gruff has a very fine new solo item out May 3 and it's titled Hotel Shampoo (Wichita Records). Well, he's not just a singer, songwriter and leader of the aforementioned Welsh surrealist beat combo, he's also one half of electro twins Neon Neon and he recently did a bit with Gorillaz and De La Soul on "Superfast Jellyfish" from their Plastic Beach album. Hotel Shampoo was inspired by the collection of miniature shampoo bottles Gruff had amassed over 15 years of touring. Recently, Gruff built a hotel sculpture made out of his tiny hotel shampoo collection in an art gallery in Cardiff, Wales and spent the night inside.

Super Furry Animals and Neon Neon in Bluefat Archive

Short Circuit Electronic Music Festival

for tickets: Short Circuit | Roundhouse


L.A. people, hit up The Roxy tonight, Friday, May 6, for the ripping Dessa, the Minnesota rapper + whose debut album A Badly Broken Code you might recall made all that big chart splash in 2010. Dessa's a rapper, sure, but a whole lot more, and she's coming from a different place: She's a poetry-slam veteran, former philosophy student and published author, and when she rhymes you get a genuinely literary experience that's decidedly not like sitting thru a lecture. The charismatic Dessa just plain takes charge, and her hiphop cabaret boasts a superb bunch of players to bring it off onstage, and that be Doomtree labelmates Sims and Lazerbeak.


17 Years, 650 Bands, 50 Stages, 40 Films, 75 Interactive Conference Sessions, 7 Days.

13 & GOD

The Notwist and Themselves (+ Dax and Antonionian from Subtle) collaborate as 13 & God on Own Your Ghost, their first album in six years; it's coming out May 17 on the far-seeing Anticon label. Oakland art-rap kingpins Themselves (Adam "Doseone" Drucker and Jeffrey "Jel" Logan, plus Subtle's Dax Pierson and Jordan Dalrymple) and German pop warpers the Notwist (Markus and Micha Acher, Martin Gretschmann) together bring oddly uplifting songs on the subject of death via a musical process that focuses on spontaneous composition that doesn't skimp on opiated melodic plushness and betrays an undying will to do something new with it. Interesting how this music can be grim and threatening sometimes (they sampled Sylvia Plath, the masochists), yet the effect is cleansing, liberating.


Zomes is the stagelike nom de plume of that Asa Osborne from Lungfish, and his new longplayer is called Earth Grid (Thrill Jockey), coming out April 12. On Earth Grid, Zomes explores repetition, repetition, spinning quaint basic melodies in and out of a morass of brainpinching drones and sundry harmonical tones issued forth via keyboards and beat loops. And it's not as shopworn a thing as that description might sound. Here, pry into:



Sonny and the Sunsets

"The Bad Energy From LA Is Killing Me," say Sonny and the Sunsets on their new album Hit After Hit, out April 12 on Fat Possum. Sonny –– a.k.a. Sonny Berger, Declan (Sonny) Burke, Sonny Smith, Dave Gil –– is a sensitive guy who makes loopy as in dreamer pop that concerns itself with subject matter like hypnotherapy, extrasensory perception, fortune tellers, palm readers and channelers. Sonny began singing while a patient at Warm Springs Foundation Hospital in Texas, for his own amusement and to bring a little light and joy into the lives of the other sad and lonely patients all cooped up with nowhere to go.

Things happened. Sonny picked up Kelley Stoltz in SF to play drums in his rock combo; a couple other people were added, they lived in a van for three years, made some recordings that were destroyed when a hurricane hit the studio they were working in...But some of it survived, and Hit After Hit is the result. Below are two examples of the so-rightness of Sonny and his Sunsets' art:

"Mr. Lucky"

"I Wanna Do It"

Sonny and the Sunsets Sonny and the Sunsets


With his very, very musical Wondervisions LP out now on Luaka Bop, New Jersey lad Delicate Steve weaves us into a new kind of not-so-crazy quilt of supremely melodic rock/pop ideas, mellifluously layed out in his bedroom studio with many, many guitars and even more effects boxes. Headspinningly eclectic in its classic-rock/vintage R&B/electro-exotic source flavors, the album's glorious hazes of lovingly layered loudness cannot hide the infinitely hummable pop song structures that dart out of the fray and fly into the sky. Well, see/hear for yourself when the redoubtable Delicate Steve opens for Akron/Family at The Echo in Los Angeles on April 6, that's Wednesday nite, don't miss out! A most energetic show is promised...

Delicate Steve


Identical twin brothers Matt and Jesse Kivel and mates make a precisely structured and most melodically different sort of new "rock" music, often but not always graced with literary themes and surprisingly juxtaposed pop and art refs. They've got a new album in the works, coming soon. For now here's “To the Alps” which comes b/w “The Electrician” on a limited-ed. 7" single (digitally too) coming out 3/29 on Hit City USA:

"To the Alps"

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If you're in L.A. tonight, March 7, make a beeline for John Hollenbeck's Large Ensemble at REDCAT downtown. This is big band stuff that end-runs on the old swing corn to cross over into a whole lot of other areas, Hollenbeck's charts emphasizing wildly inventive melodic and harmonic turns –– and the rhythms they pump very, very hard. The 20-piece ensemble boasts several idiosyncratically great players including Matt Mitchell of Claudia Quintet and Theo Bleckmann of Refuge Trio, saxophonist Tony Malaby, trombonist Jacob Garchik and bassist Kermit Driscoll.


dublab presents…A LABRAT MATINEE 9: our minds align

SUNDAY, February 20 Rare (not in the beef sense) music videos, new dublab VisionVersion films, comedy clips, out-there animation and other eye-melting magic...After the films stick around for a party on the Spanish Patio featuring the Labrat DJs playing soundtrack selections. Surprise guest performer immediately following the films! All ages, yes!

Dublab Labrat Matinee 9

Susan James

Susan James Highways, Ghosts, Hearts and Home is the brand spankin' new album by SUSAN JAMES, the highly accomplished singer/guitarist who has delivered a beautifully written, performed and arranged sojourn thru the Americana dream. Simple songs sometimes, subtly complex tunes too, and a few in-between: keen observations on life, love, experience, the ways things are and the way they oughtta be. James is in fine, fine vocal form, and her guitar playing is gorgeous. The album was self-produced, and James got help with an ace brace of musicians including Paul Lacques, Paul Marshall and Shawn Nourse of I See Hawks in LA; Gabe Witcher (Punch Brothers) on fiddle and Danny McGough (Shivaree, Social Distortion) on very tasty Hammond B3. It was recorded at Nourse by Northwest Studios in L.A. by Shawn Nourse (Dwight Yoakam, Rosie Flores) with additional recording and mixing at Fully’s Studio in Topanga, by Fulton Dingley (Stereolab, Robert Wyatt, Kulah Shaker, High Llamas).


Anti-Pop Consortium's putting out his first non self-produced record w/ help from Fourtet, Tobacco, Tunde of TV on the Radio, In Flangranti, members of Interpol, Clark and others. Album's called End It All, out Feb. 15 or thereabouts.

"Mellow You Out" featuring Tunde Adebimpe

"Deathsweater" (produced by DJ Nobody)

BILL LASWELL, BUCKETHEAD 'N' BRAIN: on or before February 8, seek out this basically wicked new Praxis thing Profanation: Preparation for a Coming Darkness. Heavy emph. on singers gifts us with Iggy Pop, Serj Tankian, Mike Patton, RAMM:∑LL:Z∑∑, Doctor Israel, Killah Priest and toaster Hawk.

"Furies" featuring Iggy Pop

YELLOWBIRDS is Sam Cohen from Apollo Sunshine; he's been releasing a series of tracks from The Color album coming in early 2011.

Just listen to this.


Moomins and the Comet Chase theme song

New Bluefat feature: The Discreet Charm of the Moomins

Jean-Gabriel Périot

The Barbarians

Périot in Bluefat Archive

From Horrorshow
by Kumo:

"Living Ghost"

Read about Kumo (Jono Podmore)'s other project Metamono


Alternative Projections:
Experimental Film in Los Angeles 1945-1980

November 12-14, 2010

The USC School of Cinematic Arts
download brochure here

Alternative Projections

This symposium aims to expand understanding of how experimental filmmaking evolved in Los Angeles and to contextualize its place in postwar art history. Focusing on the community of filmmakers, artists, curators and programmers who contributed to the creation and presentation of experimental cinema in Southern California, it will add to the definitive overview of the topic provided in David James’s book The Most Typical Avant-Garde: History and Geography of Minor Cinemas in Los Angeles.


"Why Like This"

Ardour is the debut album by Teebs, on Flying Lotus' superexcellent Brainfeeder label (a trademark of quality). Download the lead single:


PJ Geissinger a.k.a Starkey

PJ Geissinger a.k.a Starkey from Philly is all things street bass and grimy crunk world, etc. etc., and he gets the nod from the likes of Amon Tobin, say no more. Starkey's part of the Trouble & Bass crew, co-owns the Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey record labels, and hosts a quite heavy-duty radio program on Sub FM. Grab some Starkey and a ton of other relevant stuff here:


Chico Mann

Regarding the new album Analog Drift by Chico Mann, well, it's being released on October 26 by Wax Poetics Records; Chico does electro-freestyle-Afrobeat nirvana, and here's "Ya Yo Se" to wet your whistle:

Chico Mann

Annie Sprinkle's Altadena, California, performance of Eco-Sexual Wedding canceled

read review by Laura Brun

Veteran performance artist Annie Sprinkle and her partner Elizabeth Stephens have presented the series of site-specific performances around the globe, including at the 2009 Venice Biennale. They were to perform the piece again October 23 at the Farnsworth Amphitheater in Altadena, but received a note on October 8 from the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department canceling their reservation of the venue due to "unsafe conditions."

[Note to international readers: Gay marriage is illegal in California.]

Update (October 14):
Sprinkle and Stephens are in negotiation with the L.A. County Parks & Recreation Dept.

Only 5 percent of the people who lost their jobs in the recession have found new jobs.

Johnny Angel and Tim Redmond talk about it at:

SFBG Radio

ESKMO's ESKMO album comes out October 19 on the mighty Ninja Tune label

Now get a free track called "Come Back" at

Doug Paisley

"What I Saw"

On October 12 Doug Paisley releases his second album, Constant Companion, on the No Quarter label. He's a songwriter-arranger of countrified elegance; helluva good singer, too. On tour across the USA in October-December. Savor this lovely track by Doug Paisley:

Doug Paisley

"El Consejo" from Grupo Fantasma's El Existential, out now on Nat Geo Music:

Grupo Fantasma1_ Grupo Fantasma_2 Grupo Fantasma_3
Grupo Fantasma_4

L.A. lo-fi wizkid Paul Rosales' "Nautilus Cry," from his Wonder Wheel I album out now on the superfine Care in the Community label

"Eats From Inside"
from Juliette Commagére's Procession, out October 26 on Manimal Vinyl

Commagére in Bluefat Archive

Juliette Commagere photo: Eliot Hazel

No Age's new album, Everything in Between (Sub Pop) arrives on September 28.

Download "Glitter"

Download "Inflorescence"

No Age

A Season in Hell
by Randall Packer

in collaboration with Charles Lane, tenor
September 17-19

for tickets and more information: 01SJ Biennial

"Eyes Close" from ex-Medicine/
-Electric Company grandmaster Brad Laner's second solo LP Natural Selections (Hometapes), coming August 24

Brad Laner in Bluefat Archive

Tristan Perich's
1-Bit Symphony

Irmin Schmidt Conducts Irmin Schmidt

8 p.m., July 31

Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele

more on Can

Irmin SchmidtThe Schloßfestspiele Ludwigsburg will dedicate its closing gala performance to the music of Irmin Schmidt, with a focus on his work for film. A selection of Schmidt’s work has been arranged for orchestra by Greg Cohen and Eyvind Kang and will be performed by the Orchestra Schloßfestspiele Ludwigsburg and conducted by Schmidt, with special appearances by Markus Stockhausen (trumpet), Gerd Dudek (saxophone), Christiane Oxenfort (flutes), Ingrid Oberkanins (percussion), Kumo (electronics), Serge Ferrara (accordion), Greg Cohen (bass) and Eyvind Kang (viola); they will also perform two versions of the Can track "Spoon." Irmin Schmidt & Kumo perform two tracks from their albums Masters of Confusion and Axolotl Eyes.

Wim Wenders will give a post-concert honorific speech and present his recent film Palermo Shooting (music by Irmin Schmidt) in an open-air screening at the Akademiehof.

Under Byen releases new video and MP3 download for "Kapitel 1," from their album Alt Er Tabt (Paper Bag Records)

Grab it gratis here.

"The Door in the Wall" Live

"MmmHmm" from Flying Lotus' tasty new space opera Cosmogramma on Warp, featuring bass, voice and appearance by Thundercat, dir. by Special Problems

Hecuba "Goodtimes" from dublab on Vimeo

Hecuba in Bluefat Archive

Crook&Flail: Unearthing

Crook&Flail (aka Andy Broder of Fog and Adam "Doseone" Drucker) have created and curated a soundtrack to Unearthing –– the forthcoming audiobook box set written and narrated by Alan Moore. To give an insight into the influences behind their original score, they’ve assembled and blended a free, promo-only mix to download right here.

Crook and Flail

Catal Huyuk: MP3 "Terence@uxmal" from NatureLovesCourage

Catal Huyuk Catal Huyuk is a psychedelic salad created by Poloka Lele, Jacques Olivier and friends to celebrate Terence McKenna's life and to blend his ideas with an organic mix of live and house flavors. House remixes and recordings of Terence in Uxmal contributed by Nick (Baba) Doof. The album was produced at the turn of the millennium and released just prior to Terence's departure from this earth, with his blessing.

Strange Positioning Systems

Alexander Viscio Alexander Viscio_2
A play on GPS tracking technology, Strange Positioning Systems (SPS) looks at the aesthetic, cultural and psychological peculiarities of positioning the self and collective enterprises in a fluid, electronically dislocated environment. SPS has been evolving as a temporary environment with feeds from various places in the world. Each evening is dedicated to the work of one artist and will be presented in a multitude of ways, none following the format of the last.

Video Norway at NewMediaFest 2010

Oslo Screen festival - Norwegian Selection on VideoChannel

The Chap "We Work in Bars" from Well Done Europe, coming July 6 on Lo Recordings

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