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Juliette Commagere

Queens Die Proudly:

Juliette Commagˇre

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YouÕve perhaps seen singer-composer Juliette CommagˇreÕs glamorous visage on local stages with her husband, Joachim Cooder, and their adventurous indie-rock combo, Hello Stranger. Maybe youÕve heard her singing or seen her Keytar-slinging exploits with Puscifer or Avenged Sevenfold. On her solo debut, Queens Die Proudly (Aeronaut Records), she makes an especially savory kind of new pop where all of the aforementioned interests combine and perhaps hint at the uncliched gifts of the multihued Commagˇre.

In another, better world, Queens would slay all comers on its way to the top of the charts, given its memorable songs bestowed with evocative layers and twists via CommagˇreÕs classically designed structures and sensual Õ70s synth stylings. These songs gleam and sparkle, encourage fertile daydreams. A looping berimbau on the opening ŅHeartsÓ tantalizes with a kind of film-score Orientalism, which bursts full-blown into a synth-strewn trip to the moon. It just plain sounds different.



Photo: Joachim Cooder

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