Welcome to Bluefat, a magazine for music, film and visual art devotees with open minds and a fondness for the diverse.

Launched August 2009, Bluefat is a deep plunge into works spanning wide formal regions, from rock, pop, jazz and folk to international traditional music, contemporary classical music and new-/non-genre sounds, as well as commentary on groundbreaking new filmmakers. In-depth conversations with artists forging paths outside the boundaries of popular taste visit realms where pure expression is the name of the game.

With the accent on illuminating the creative process of music, film and artŐs rule-breaking inventors (and critical reappraisals of artists previously deemed unworthy of that description), bluefat is a place for a novel dialogue where writers and artists can collide and cross-pollinate Ń and where restrictive beliefs about categorization can and will be cheerfully disregarded.

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