Emily Wells: Piece of It

Emily Wells: Darlin

Haroula Rose

Had lunch with Haroula Rose the other day, and we did a bit of catching up. She's the Chicago-bred, L.A.-based singer-songwriter whose self-released These Open Roads album of last year was such an easy-on-the-ears debut. The album was different somehow: Obviously Rose was a deft and resourceful melodicist, a subtly crafty acoustic guitar stylist and sweetly evocative vocal presence. She sang songs about loneliness, bad breakups, people she loved, so long to the past and hello to the future. Now, sure, these are familiar themes for a lot of singer-songwriters, but in Rose's capable hands all clichˇs were steered well clear; creating the album seemed more like an opportunity for Rose, a chance to revel in the deeply felt wonders of creation. Aided by a sterling cast of steel guitar players, harmonizing singers and multi-instrumentalist/producer Andy Lemaster, Rose's performances of the albumÕs inventively arranged originals are comforting to hear, and intriguing to listen closely to. Ultimately, says Rose,"Music is just a way of communicating with people. But it's an inexpressible thing ŠŠ there aren't that many ways of saying you love your family, you love your friends. It's how you do it, or how you feel. Every song is a love song."

Brand New Day

All I Know

New Year's Day

Ariana Delawari

Two new songs by Ariana Delawari (whose first album was released on David Lynch's label). This was shot in a large empty room at her sister's house in the San Fernando valley. Filmed & edited by Jean-Christophe Chamboredon.

Ariana Delawari

Demo Team:
"Take a Walk"

Demo Team is a tiny orchestra featuring Jamie Green on guitar and vocal; Ali Helnwein on xylophone, clarinet, violin and banjo; and Tiziano Tucci on double bass. The band was filmed on a sunny, crisp Fall day in downtown Los Angeles. All shot in one take; all natural light and natural sound.

Demo Team:

Demo Team:
"God Given Gift"

Francoiz Breut:

A pioneer of the Nouvelle Sc¸ne Fran¨aise, Francoiz Breut sang in the repair room of The Fretted Frog guitar store in Echo Park; she's accompanied by the store's owner, Roland (www.thefrettedfrog.com).


Marianne Dissard:
"Les Draps Sourds"

French-born, Tucson-based Marianne Dissard's a cappella performance was shot in her touring truck around 9 p.m. on Alvarado Blvd. in Echo Park. She does a song from her recent album Paris One Takes.



Revolver is Ambroise Willaume (vocals, guitar, piano), Christophe Musset (vocals, guitar) and Jˇrˇmie Arcache (vocals, cello); they're huge in France, where the baroque & roll of their Music for a While album has earned them a French Grammy nomination. They were filmed in Echo Park.


"Get Around Town"

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