Rand Rhoads, Quiet Riot
photo: Ron Sobel

Where Have All the Rock Stars Gone?

Randy Rhoads: The Quiet Riot Years Book and DVD Documentary

Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, Ritchie Valens, The Big BopperÉYou all know what follows when articles begin like that. Yes, Randy Rhoads was another one in a too-long line of musical giants whose careers got nipped tragically in the bud, killed the lot of them in fiery plane crashes. Rhoads was a great heavy rock guitarist, a wonderfully idiosyncratic, dramatic and way influential one at that. His early life, and death during a tour as lead ax man for Ozzy Osbourne in 1982, is portrayed in loving detail in Ron SobelÕs recent Randy Rhoads: The Quiet Riot Years Book and DVD Documentary. The book is, fittingly, a vinyl-album-sized photo journal-type experience filled to brimming with longtime Rhoads confidante SobelÕs previously unpublished photos and memorabilia, which map out RhoadsÕ rise to the pantheon reserved for the mightiest of ax gods, focusing on his hungry early days with Quiet Riot before his ascent (or descent) to the heady, dangerous heights of the Ozzy years. ItÕs that caring detail the book generously provides that makes it such a nice thing to have in your hands; itÕs just plain beautiful to look at, too. The 90-minute documentary DVD that accompanies this warmhearted tribute is a fast-paced, energetic delight, featuring beautifully restored and digitally enhanced live performance reels and insightful interviews with Randy's friends and colleagues, along with perceptive commentary by Sobel in voiceover. The doc too is a deeply touching time and place in which to immerse, especially moving in its intimate look at RhoadsÕ seesawing but steadfast friendship with his Quiet Riot mate Kevin DuBrow. Fact is, you wouldnÕt even need to have been a fan of Randy Rhoads to get a lot out this book and DVD, as taken all together theyÕre a valuable glimpse at a genuine piece of pop culture history, bringing to life an olden, golden age when the stakes were high and our rockers reached for the stars.
ŠŠ John Payne

Book and DVD available for purchase at www.redmatchproductions.com

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